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Nepal: see KatmanduKatmandu
or Kathmandu
, city (1991 pop. 421,258), capital of Nepal, central Nepal, c.4,500 ft (1,370 m) above sea level, in a fertile valley of the E Himalayas.
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, Kathmandu
the capital of Nepal, in the east at the confluence of the Baghmati and Vishnumati Rivers. Pop.: 814 000 (2005 est.)
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The Society for International Development held its final meeting of its series of SID-UNFPA policy dialogues on November 27-29 2002 in Katmandu, Nepal. Organised jointly with the Women's Rehabilitation Center, the dialogue entitled "Political Disruption, Women's Empowerment and Health" was attended by 30 participants from social movements, NGOs, research, media and policy-making institutions to examine the critical issues of women's rights, health, poverty and livelihoods in conflict situations.
Se esperaba que en el marco de la IX cumbre de la Asociacion de Asia del Sur para la Cooperacion Regional (SAARC), celebrada en Katmandu, Nepal, el primer fin de semana de enero, se dieran pasos hacia la distension entre ambas naciones.
Earlier, Gen Musharraf had said from the podium at the summit in Katmandu, Nepal: "I extend a hand of genuine and sincere friendship to Prime Minister Vajpayee."
"War is not a must, " Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said before flying to the meeting in Katmandu, Nepal.
That was a lesson Shell learned during a three-year stint teaching in Katmandu, Nepal. "I didn't have access to all the instructional materials I had become used to," she says.
One man was earlier stabbed to death by the Moslem terrorists who brandished grenades and weapons after seizing control of Flight 814 after it took off from Katmandu, Nepal, on a flight to New Delhi on Christmas Eve.
The designer has also created a new collection of Tibetan-style handknotted rugs produced in Katmandu, Nepal. They are made of virgin Tibetan and New Zealand wool, and feature carved motifs.
One former CIA officer explained to me once that he had spent much of a tour in Katmandu, Nepal, trying to recruit the local KGB resident there until he realized that the KGB man, all the while, had been trying to recruit him.
Everest began brewing operations at its facility in Bharatpur, which lies less than 100 miles from Katmandu, Nepal's capital.
Katmandu, Nepal and South Asian Basketball Championship played at Malaysia and both
The meeting was originally scheduled to be held at Katmandu, Nepal; however, due to the devastating earthquake there, Pakistan offered to host these meetings, so that the negotiation process could continue uninterrupted.
KATMANDU, Nepal -- Survivors of deadly blizzards that swept through the Himalayas this week said they were caught off-guard when the weather changed quickly along high-altitude trekking routes in northern Nepal.