a Polish family of musicians.

Antoine. Born Oct. 27, 1817, in Krakow; died Nov. 25 (Dec. 7), 1899, in Ivanichi, near Okulovka station, present-day Novgorod Oblast, USSR. Pianist, teacher, and composer. He began performing in public at the age of six. In 1829-30 he studied with J. Field in Moscow, and from 1853 to 1867 he taught piano in St. Petersburg. He toured extensively and at the age of 80 was the first pianist to make a world tour, performing in 1896-98 in Australia, Japan, and China, as well as in Siberian towns. His playing was distinguished for its brilliant technique and elegance and his repertoire embraced not only works by classical and early romantic composers but also salon pieces and dances, including his own compositions, such as the popular The Awakening of the Lion. He wrote an opera and operetta, about 400 piano compositions, piano pieces for students, and a collection of exercises.

Apollinaire. Born Oct. 23, 1825, in Krakow; died June 29, 1879, in Warsaw. Violinist, composer, and teacher. Brother of Antoine. His first teacher was his brother Karol, and he made his debut at the age of four in St. Petersburg and Warsaw. Touring many European countries, he played in Paris for N. Paganini in 1838. Beginning in 1850 he gave frequent concerts in Russia, appearing as court soloist in St. Petersburg from 1853 to 1860. A prominent representative of the Polish school of the violin, his playing was marked by elegance, brilliance, and melodious tone. He composed many violin pieces in the salon style. In 1861 he founded in Warsaw a music institute and served as the director and as a professor from 1861 to 1879.


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