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see KatowiceKatowice
, Ger. Kattowitz, city (1993 est. pop. 366,200), capital of Śląskie prov., S Poland. One of the chief mining and industrial centers of Poland, it has industries producing heavy machinery and chemicals; mines in the region yield coal, iron, zinc, and
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, Poland.
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Dates are given, cities and rivers named, and a career as varied and complex as the war it parallels, almost incarnates, is evoked in a melange of trivial and horrific fragments - a cold caught here, a circus seen there, "happy" Poles in Cracow, the decayed faces of Jews from Hungary, the Fuhrer on an inspection tour in Kattowitz, a beautiful Polish woman in Warsaw who "was gassed right away," Rudolf and Hoss at Auschwitz.
In the morning to Kattowitz. Conference with Gauleiter Bracht.
However, Seetzen shared authority with the RSHA and his counterpart in Kattowitz to commit persons to the camp and also to order their execution, which was carried out by the Gestapo (the so-called "political department") there.