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river: see KansasKansas
or Kaw,
river, 170 mi (274 km) long, formed by the junction of the Smoky Hill and Republican rivers in NE Kansas and flowing E to the Missouri River at Kansas City; the system drains parts of Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado.
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, river.
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I've created things with KAWS quite a few times before, and we've got a lot of respect for each other.
A Paddle 8 auction benefitting the institution includes works by Josef Albers, Richard Serra, and Kaws, among others.
The park now attracts around 400,000 people every year but the work by renowned American artist KAWS which runs until June may well boost that number even more.
As refugees try to cross the border, it will explode and blow off their legs," said Abu Baeda, now a member of the rebel Kaws al-Nasser brigade.
Family sculpture workshops taking inspiration from the new KAWS exhibition of giant cartoon-based figures.
The Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) presents the first UK exhibition by KAWS, the renowned American artist, whose work has sparked global attention and includes painting, sculpture, printmaking and design.
Newly created by New York-based artist Brian Donnelly, who works under the name KAWS, it is part of a solo exhibition that can be seen at the West Bretton art venue from February 6 until June 12, 2016.