Kaykavus, Unsur Al-Maali

Kaykavus, Unsur Al-Maali


Born 1021; died 1098. Persian writer; major feudal lord.

Kaykavus wrote the first known prose work in Farsi, the Qabus-namah, which comprises 44 chapters of precepts that pertain to proper conduct in various life situations. The ethic preached by Kaykavus was essentially opportunistic, but, in general, the Qabus-namah, written in a direct and lively manner, remains an outstanding example of classical Persian and Tadzhik prose.


In Russian translation:
Kabus-name, 2nd ed. Translation, introductory article, and notes by E. E. Bertel’s. Moscow, 1958.


Istoriia persidskoi i tadzhikskoi literatury. Edited by Jan Rypka. Moscow, 1970.
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