the Soviet Kazakh motion picture studio, producing feature films, documentaries, and newsreels. The Alma-Ata Feature Film Studio was organized in 1941. With the evacuation of Mosfil’m and Lenfil’m to Alma-Ata in 1942, the studio was reorganized as the Central United Motion Picture Studio, which existed until 1944. That year, after Mosfil’m and Lenfil’m were relocated, the Alma-Ata feature film studio merged with the Alma-Ata newsreel studio (founded in 1934) to form the Alma-Ata Studio of Feature Films, Documentaries, and Newsreels. In 1960 the studio was renamed Kazakhfil’m.

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So, a separate animation studio will be created in the framework of Kazakhfilm," the Minister announced.
She has worked for the regional newspaper Zvezda Priirtyshia in Pavlodar, served as chief editor for documentaries at Kazakhfilm, and is currently President of the independent Kazakhfilm youth studio "Parallel.
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev met with the Aimanov Kazakhfilm studio chairman Yermek Amanshayev.
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