Kazakov, Konstantin

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Kazakov, Konstantin Petrovich


Born Nov. 5 (18), 1902, in Tula. Marshal of artillery (1962). Became a member of the CPSU in 1920. The son of a worker.

Kazakov was a worker before he joined the Soviet Army in 1921. He graduated from the VTsIK Combined Military School in 1923, from the M. V. Frunze Military Academy in 1936, and from advanced academic courses of the Military Academy of the General Staff in 1948. In the Great Patriotic War (1941–45), Kazakov began as a commander of a howitzer artillery regiment; in June 1941 he became chief of operations of the artillery department of the Southwestern Front, and in April 1942 he moved to the staff of the chief of the artillery of the Red Army and in April 1943 to the staff for especially important assignments of the commander of the artillery of the Red Army. From April 1944 to May 1945 he commanded the artillery of the Second Shock Army. He participated in the liberation of the Baltic area and in battles in East Prussia and was an army artillery commander in the war with imperialist Japan.

Holding high positions after the war, Kazakov was commander of the rocket troops and of the artillery of the ground forces from 1963 to 1969 and was appointed military inspector-adviser in July 1969. Kazakov has been awarded three Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, four Orders of the Red Banner, two Orders of Suvorov Second Class, Orders of Kutuzov First and Second Class, the Order of Bogdan KhmeP-nitskii First Class, three foreign orders, and medals.

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