Kazantzake, Galatea

Kazantzake, Galatea


Born Dec. 23, 1888, in Iraklion, on Crete; died Dec. 17, 1963, in Athens. Greek writer; participant in the struggle against fascism and a member of the resistance movement. Wife of N. Kazantzakis.

Kazantzake’s early works include the novella Laugh, Clown (1909) and the play At Any Sacrifice (1911). Her novel The Women (1933) and her collections of stories From Eleven to One P.M. and Critical Minutes criticize bourgeois family and social relations from a democratic point of view. Kazantzake’s works of the 1930’s—the collection of plays The Curtain (1959) and the collection The Dying World and the Coming World (1963)— reflect the ideas of socialist humanism.


Ho kosmos pu pethainei ki ho kosmos pu erchetai. Athens, 1963.


Kordatos, G. Historia tes Neoellenikes logotechnias, vol. 2. Athens, 1962.


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