Kazimierz Kaminski

Kaminski, Kazimierz


Born May 1, 1865, in Warsaw; died there Sept. 10, 1928. Polish actor and director. Son of a theater usher.

After making his debut in Warsaw in 1884, Kaminski acted in provincial theaters in Poland and Russia until 1891. From 1893 to 1901 he performed in Krakow and from 1901 to 1904 in L’vov. Subsequently, he appeared in various Warsaw theaters, including Rozmaitosci (1918), Teatr Polski (1923), and Teatr Narodowy (1925), where he was also a director. A representative of realism in the Polish theater, Kaminski had a style marked by an ironic pungency. His roles included Stanczyk in Wyspiariski’s The Wedding and the Baron in Gorky’s Lower Depths.


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