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see ChilungChilung,
, Kilung,
or Keelung
, city (1995 pop. 368,771), N Taiwan, on the East China Sea. Because of its excellent harbor it is an important port, naval base, and fishing port. It has several large shipyards.
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, Taiwan.
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The five areas are Keelung City, Xinbei (New Taipei) City, Taoyuan County/City, and Hsinchu County/City.
In addition, the CWB has issued a heavy rain alert for Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Keelung City, with the rain expected to continue in northern Taiwan for 10 days until Feb.
a 33-year-old company headquartered in Keelung City, northern Taiwan and making sanitation products under its own brand Itai, officially opened the "1560 Keelung Story Hall" on March 21, 2010, as part of its Sanitary Ware Tourist Factory.
Set up with help from the Keelung City Cultural Affairs Bureau, the Story Hall tells the history of Keelung starting from 1560, when the port's name, literally "chicken cage" in Chinese, was mentioned in writings by the Ming Dynasty general Zheng Cheng-gong, the famous seafaring pioneer who captained massive armadas to sail the seas.
15 mg/l, according to Keelung City Second Police Precinct officer Hu Kai-wen.
Residences of the 10 approved investment cases are located in Greater Taipei, Taoyuan County, Keelung City, Ilan County, Tainan County, and Kaohsiung County.
The CWB, therefore, is maintaining its heavy rain warnings for New Taipei City, Keelung City and Yilan County on Friday, he said.
An intensity level of 1 was experienced in Keelung City, Miaoli County, Changhua County, Yunlin County, and Taitung County.
Each government of Taipei City, Chiayi County and Kaohsiung City won the top prize; each government of Keelung City, Taichung, Changhua County, Chiayi City and Tainan City was given the second prize; and each government of New Taipei, Taoyuan City, Taitung County and Penghu County was awarded the third prize.
New Year's Eve countdown party in northern Taiwan's port city of Keelung will take place at the Keelung Harbor, featuring band performances, ships' horns and shooting water up into the air, as well as the fireworks display at Mountain Huzi overlooking the harbor where the landmark 'KEELUNG' sign is located, according to Keelung City Government.
As many cities and counties across Taiwan have canceled fireworks displays in their New Year's Eve countdown event schedules due to the serious air pollution issue that has raised public concern, Keelung City has decided to stick to its original plan to have a 3-minute fireworks show.
A heavy rain advisory has been issued for Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Keelung City by the Central Weather Bureau (CWB), while it has issued an extremely heavy rain advisory for Yilan County.