KISS Principle

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KISS Principle

/kis' prin'si-pl/ Keep It Simple, Stupid.

A maxim often invoked when discussing design to fend off creeping featurism and control complexity of development. Possibly related to the marketroid maxim on sales presentations, "Keep It Short and Simple".

See also Occam's Razor.
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The results of a recent study seem to underscore the old KISS adage: "Keep it simple, stupid."
One thing Sign Mavens do believe in, and demand the same of their attorneys, is the maxim "Keep it simple, stupid!" This is not always the case with building owners and their attorneys.
A final point about trick plays: Many coaches are fond of living by the KISS principle: "Keep it simple, stupid." But what happens when that "simple" defense is suddenly confronted by trick or special plays that they had never seen before?

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