Kei Islands

Kei Islands:

see Kai IslandsKai Islands
or Kei Islands
, island group (c.550 sq mi/ 1,420 sq km), E Indonesia, SE of Seram, in the Banda Sea, in the Moluccas. It is densely forested with valuable timber; the people are skilled boat builders. The chief island is Great Kai.
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, Indonesia.
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7 mm SL, collected at Kei Besar, Kei Islands, Maluku Province, Indonesia.
Kei Islands and Raja Ampat Islands) without close relatives at intervening locations.
232'E, Kei Islands, Maluku Province, Indonesia, 14-20 m, clove oil and hand net, W.
A comparable emphasis on the generative potential of food is found in chapter seven; here, Timo Kaartinen focuses on Banda Eli, a Muslim village in the Kei Islands of eastern Indonesia.
Kaartinen describes the parallels between mortuary rituals and the way in which people remember absent relatives in the Kei Islands.