Kelly, Johnny

Kelly, (John Brendan) Johnny

(1889–1960) rower, building contractor; born in Philadelphia. After being denied the prize at Britain's Henley rowing regatta because he worked for a living (the race was for "gentlemen"), he got his revenge by winning gold medals in Olympic singles and doubles sculls in 1920 and in the doubles in 1924. A self-made man, he became a very wealthy contractor and was active in Democratic party politics. His daughter Grace Kelly was the actress and then Princess of Monaco. His son John B. Kelly Jr. competed as a rower in four Olympiads.
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ahji KP It's the likes of Colin Kelly, Johnny Magee, Pat Flanagan and Tom Cribbin who have the tough, thankless tasks.
Thomas Finneran, Padraic Tierney, Jonathan Fitzmaurice, Shane Tierney, Adrian Martin, Niall Naughton, Seamus Kelly, Johnny Mooney and his friend Paddy form the entourage on a hectic week for her supporters.
com, James Montgomery, will be the first show and a future guest list may include Pousette Dart, (jazz artist) Grace Kelly, Johnny A and others," said Mr.
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