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A firm, elevated fibrous formation of tissue at the site of a scar.
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a tumor-like growth of the fibrous connective tissue of the skin.

The causes of keloid development are not clear. Certain persons have a predisposition to their development. A distinction is made between true (spontaneous) keloids, which develop on visibly unchanged skin, and false keloids, which develop at the site of a scar after trauma (mechanical, thermal, chemical) or purulent disease (a furuncle, for example). A true keloid is a slightly elevated formation (5–8 mm above the skin surface) of whitish or pinkish color and dense consistency, with a smooth, shiny surface. Keloids appear most often in young people in the area of the chest, neck, and pinnae; and more rarely, on the face and limbs. Growth takes place for several weeks or sometimes months, after which the dimensions of the keloid remain unchanged throughout the patient’s lifetime. Treatment consists of injections of hyaluronidase and vitreous body; administration of vitamins PP, B2, and C; electrophoresis of potassium iodide; paraffin therapy; and X-ray therapy.

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7 GODZILLA'S appearance in the new film shows the monster covered in keloid scars - a feature taken from the original 1954 film.
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(2) Keloid scars have a firm and inflexible texture, a shiny appearance, and are elevated above skin level.