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A firm, elevated fibrous formation of tissue at the site of a scar.
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a tumor-like growth of the fibrous connective tissue of the skin.

The causes of keloid development are not clear. Certain persons have a predisposition to their development. A distinction is made between true (spontaneous) keloids, which develop on visibly unchanged skin, and false keloids, which develop at the site of a scar after trauma (mechanical, thermal, chemical) or purulent disease (a furuncle, for example). A true keloid is a slightly elevated formation (5–8 mm above the skin surface) of whitish or pinkish color and dense consistency, with a smooth, shiny surface. Keloids appear most often in young people in the area of the chest, neck, and pinnae; and more rarely, on the face and limbs. Growth takes place for several weeks or sometimes months, after which the dimensions of the keloid remain unchanged throughout the patient’s lifetime. Treatment consists of injections of hyaluronidase and vitreous body; administration of vitamins PP, B2, and C; electrophoresis of potassium iodide; paraffin therapy; and X-ray therapy.

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Barara et al.1 observed that anatomical site of keloids and etiology did not have any significant correlation with treatment outcome, either at 3 or at 6 months.
Also, while darker skin produces keloids more easily and consistently than other skin types, these keloids aren't the hardest to treat, said Dr.
Cold gel pack therapy before administration of intralesional steroid injection into the keloids emerged as an effective tool to reduce the pain of the patients.
If you are prone to getting keloids, you may want to think twice about getting cosmetic surgery.
At six-month follow-up, he reported improvement in his joint pain as well as keloids. The ring finger PIP joint flexion contracture had improved from 80[degrees] to 35[degrees].
Our method of creation of rabbit ear keloid model is better than prior methods, as keloids created by us had greatest scar elevation index, hard consistency, longtime of stay, copioushyalinized collagen, and negligible fibroblasts.
Comparative results in treatment of keloids with intralesional 5-FU/Kenalog, 5-FU/verapamil, enalapril alone, verapamil alone, and laser: a case report and review of the literature.
In addition to that, the difficulty in clinical distinction between keloids and hypertrophic scars and the lack of histopathological confirmation decrease the validity of these studies.[sup][34] The absence in keloid histological confirmation might be explained by the near-zero rate of malignancies or dysplasias.[sup][35] Therefore, due to the limitations, there are no preferred treatments of keloids in specific sites.
Table I.- Size of keloids produced by different techniques.
Thus, we found no studies on TNF-[alpha] associated with keloids and although this cytokine is important in the healing process, its role in keloid is not well elucidated.