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city (1990 pop. 72,033), Jefferson parish, SE La., a suburb of New Orleans; inc. 1952. Kenner has grown since the 1970s into an area of moderate- to upper-income housing developments. The city has commercial activities, retail businesses, and manufacturing (electronics, food, chemicals, machinery, lumber). New Orleans International Airport is within the city limits, and Jefferson Downs racetrack is nearby.
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Business Week could not think of enough good things to say about Kenner Toys president Ronald Jackson, who "lets his actions do the talking: He has shuttered (it makes him sound like some sort of home handyman, up on the ladder getting the cottage ready for winter) three factories and cut 1,300 of 7,600 employees.
But not worth as much as an original 1975 Jawa, made by Kenner toys, with a vinyl cape - the holy grail of Star Wars collecting.