Kenneth II

Kenneth II,

d. 995, Scottish king (971–995). The son of Malcolm I (reigned 943–54), he became king of the united Picts and Scots in 971 and immediately led a savage raid on the British in Northumbria. He is later listed, however, as submitting to the Anglo-Saxon king Edgar c.973 and being granted by him the land between the Tweed and Forth rivers. This is the earliest mention of the Tweed as the border between England and Scotland. Kenneth's reign also saw consolidation of his kingdom in the central area north of the Tay River. He was murdered as a result of a conflict with the mormaor (high steward) of Argyll.
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Macbeth cuyo significado es "hijo de la vida", es nombre y no apellido; el rubricaba en sus epocas colegiales como "Macbeth mas Finlaech" (Macbeth, hijo de Finlaech) la linea al trono, al parecer, es mas directa por parte de su madre que de su padre, pues es viable que ella fuera hija de Kenneth II.
Kenneth Sabacinski and his wife, Diana, and their children, Lauren, Julie and Kenneth II, of Plantation, Fla.
Gruoch was a granddaughter of King Kenneth II who had been murdered in 995, or perhaps of Kenneth III, who was killed in 1005.
The current high king of Scots was Malcolm II, son of Kenneth II.
Vanderbilt: Following the reorganization of the sales and marketing department into three global business units (rubber and plastics, minerals and petroleum), Kenneth II.
Kenneth II from 971-95; Constantine II from 995-97; Kenneth III from 997-1005; Malcolm II from 1005- 34; Duncan from 1034-40; Macbeth from 1040-57; Lulach The Simple from 1057- 58; and Malcolm III from 1058-93.
In 995, for instance, Kenneth II is said to have been lured to the house of a noblewoman, filled up with drink and then placed in front of a statue.
Kenneth Sabacinski and his wife Diana and their children, Lauren, Julie and Kenneth II, of Plantation, FL; James Sabacinski and his wife Jennifer and their children, Ashley and Zachary, of West Boylston and Paul Sabacinski and his wife Linda and their children, Skylar and Nathaniel, of Winter Springs, FL; a brother and best friend, Vincent Sabacinski of Worcester; two sisters, Genevieve Yankus of NC and Irene Johnson of Worcester; four great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.
in 1989; her son, Kenneth II in 1987 and her daughter, Nancy Berthiaume in 1998.