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see KarbalaKarbala
, city (1987 pop. 296,705), central Iraq, at the edge of the Syrian Desert. The city's trade is in religious objects, hides, wool, and dates. Karbala is the site of the tomb of the Shiite leader Husein, who was killed in the city in 680.
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, Iraq.
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, Kerbela
a town in central Iraq: the chief holy city of Iraq and centre of Shiah Muslim pilgrimage; burial place of Mohammed's grandson Husain. Pop.: 460 000 (2005 est.)
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The two most important festivities specifically related to Alevi faith are Ashura, which is the commemoration of the death of Huseyin at the battle of Kerbela, and the cem.
The poem is an example of the secularization of the Kerbela myth by relating it to contemporary experience.
Updating the Kerbela Memory: The Continuing Chain of Suffering
The Kerbela theme resurfaced after the arson attack in Sivas on June 2nd 1993.
Again we have the notion of Yezid symbolizing the enemy of the Alevis, this time entrenched in the analogy of the Kerbela and Sivas incidents.
Hospitals will be built in Iraqi provinces of Kerbela, Basra, Hillah, Missan and Theyqar-Al Nasriya.
Winners for best Iraqi internet site were: Haidar Nouri Jalokhan for Kerbela Sat.
net, the second was Omar Sattar Hama Rash for Haolati newspaper site, and the third was divided between Haidar Fadhil Jouda for Kerbela net and Kamiran Najim for Metrograhpy.
Karbala received yesterday a delegation headed by Acting Minister of Defense Saadoun al-Dulaimi, Minister of National Reconciliation and Minister of Higher Education, as well as numbers of tribal sheiks from Ramadi and Kerbela.
forces from Kerbela province, they suffered many attacks in the same area as the airborne operation.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: Head of Karbala Chamber of Commerce called the Emirates ambassador to Baghdad to urge UAE companies to enter the Iraqi market, including Kerbela province, pointing out that the trade exchange level between the two countries reached to 5 billion dollars.
He added that a number of UAE companies are working in Iraq, including Kerbela, with a desire of other companies to enter the Iraqi market.