Kerch Strait

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Kerch Strait,

shallow channel, c.25 mi (40 km) long, connecting the Sea of Azov with the Black Sea and separating Crimea in the west from Russia's Taman Peninsula in the east. Its northern end, opening into the Sea of Azov, is narrowed to a width of from 2 to 3 mi (3.2–4.8 km) by the narrow Chuska landspit; the southern end, opening into the Black Sea, is c.9 mi (14 km) wide. Its arm, the Taman Gulf, penetrates east into the Taman Peninsula. The city of KerchKerch
, city (1989 pop. 174,000), E Crimea. It lies on the Kerch Strait of the Black Sea and at the eastern end of the Kerch Peninsula, a strip of land between the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea.
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 lies near the middle of the strait, on the Crimean side. In 2003, Russia's building of a sea dike from the S Taman Peninsula toward Ukraine's Tuzla island in the strait provoked a crisis; construction was stopped, and a subsequent accord allowed for joint use of the strait and called for the delimiting of the Russian-Ukrainian border. The island's status as a part of Ukraine, however, was disputed in 2005 by Russian officials. Tuzla and the Kerch Strait passed to Russian control in 2014 after the occupation and annexation of Crimea. A 10.5-mi (16.9-km) road bridge across the strait now connects Crimea with Russia. The strait was the Cimmerian Bosporus of the ancients; it is also known by its Tatar name, Yenikale.

Kerch’ Strait


a strait running between the Kerch’ Peninsula in the west and the Taman’ Peninsula in the east; it connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Length, approximately 41 km; width, 4–15 km.

The shores of the Kerch’ Strait consist partially of lowlands with sandbars, but in places there are cliffs and rocks. During the winter the Kerch’ Strait is covered with floating ice. On the western coast there is the important port of Kerch’. There is transportation across the strait by means of steamships and a railroad ferry, which links the port of Kerch’ with the Caucasus coast.

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The bridge starts at the Taman Peninsula, runs along the 5-km long dam and Tuzla Island, crosses the Kerch Strait and ends on the coast of Crimea.
convinced that all issues relating to the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait must be resolved only by peaceful means jointly or by agreement between Russia and Ukraine;.
Taman is on the Russian mainland 10 km (eight miles) east of Crimea across the Kerch Strait.
Although the Kerch Strait Bridge was Russia's top-priority infrastructure project, experts (http://www.
The Kremlin sees the bridge, which will span the Kerch Strait, as vital to integrating Crimea, which it seized from Ukraine in 2014.
Road transportation between the Russian Federation and Crimea occurs through the Kerch Strait.
Other targeted entities are ports in Russia's Black Sea Crimea region -- in Kerch, Feodosia, Yevpatoria, Sevastopol, Yalta -- as well as a Kerch Strait ferry line.
In turn, President Putin directed the government agencies responsible for major construction projects to build a bridge across the Kerch Strait joining Crimea and Russia by end-2018.
At the same time, Putin is attempting to boost Russia's appeal by doubling Crimeans' pensions, boosting the salaries of the region's 200,000 civil servants, and constructing large, Sochi-style infrastructure, including a $3 billion bridge across the Kerch Strait.
The Ukrainian border guard service said Russian navy ships had blocked both ends of the Kerch Strait between Crimea and Russia, but Ukraine's infrastructure ministry said the 4.
NNA - (Reuters) - Russian navy ships have blocked off the Kerch Strait which separates Ukraine's Crimea region and Russia, the Ukrainian border guard service said on Tuesday.
Among the documents are: An action plan to resolve the trade restrictions in bilateral trade in 2013-2014; An Agreement on the implementation of measures of resumption of normal production of aircraft An-124 with D-18T and their modifications; A Protocol between the governments of Russia and Ukraine for the supply of goods for industrial cooperation in 2014; and An Intergovernmental agreement on joint actions on the construction of transport crossing through the Kerch Strait, which connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.