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The kinetic energy imparted to charged particles in a unit mass of material by uncharged particles such as neutrons; it may be expressed as joules per kilogram or ergs per gram.



(ancient Egyptian, Inbu Amenemhet—“Walls of Amenemhet”), a Cushitic settlement south of the third cataract of the Nile, on its right bank (Sudan). Excavations conducted from 1913 to 1916 have revealed a settlement dating from the time of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom (20th-18th centuries B.C.), a necropolis of local rulers buried with their relatives and slaves (as many as 400 persons in one burial); and numerous remains of material culture and art, both of local and Egyptian origin. Kerma lost its importance after Cush was conquered by Egypt (by the 15th century B.C.).


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To measure air kerma in a small, swept beam of x rays using a large-volume IC calibrated in a continuously- and fully-illuminated reference beam, one must be able to (1) operate the IC system in an integrating mode, (2) ensure that leakage current is negligible or accounted for over the integration time, (3) fully raster ("paint") the IC as it would be during an operational scan, and (4) account for any incomplete charge collection due to incident fluence rates.
La cultura nubia de Kerma fue descubierta en las proximidades de la ciudad que lleva el mismo nombre, y que a su vez se utilizo para denominar a la nueva cultura.
After 7% correction for heel effects at the ion chamber, the chosen reference value of air kerma (exposure) at the center of the imaging plate was 15.
Both FACs are proven national-standard instruments deemed suitable for the realization of air kerma for these sources.
In Lower Nubia this is known as C-Group, and upstream, especially above the Third Cataract as far as the Fourth Cataract, it is referred to as Early Kerma (Kerma ancien or KA) or Old Kush I.
Algerian ambassador Ahcene Kerma explained Bouteflika helps Cuba in the name of his compatriots, moved for the disastrous damages left by Gustav and Ike.
Friedrich Blase of consulting firm Kerma Partners warns that the biggest problem is often the lack of an underlying rationale for setting up shop in the PRC: "Everybody is rushing to China today, but few firms have a clear strategy and sound business plan.
La exposicion se puede convertir en kerma de colision en agua multiplicandola por el cociente de los coeficientes de absorcion agua-aire y la energia promedio requerida para producir una iotizacion en aire.
The Nubian civilisation, which existed until the year 350AD, subsequently developed on the banks of the Nile in today's northern Sudan and passed through three historical periods, Kerma (around 3,000 BC), Napata or Kush (9th century BC), and Meroi (7th century BC).
Tenders are invited for Kerma Padmaul Patk Ke Samudayik Bhawan To Jamhrua (Harjian Tola)
Selon le chef du bureau de la prevention, le commandant Mohamed Merzoug, les incendies se sont declares lundi dernier vers 12h30 dans les communes de Boumerdes, Thenia, El Kerma, Tidjelabine et Afir.