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(1) A dense, durable, multilayer cotton fabric made from thin lisle thread. Kersey that has been treated with film-forming substances is used as a leather substitute. It is also used in the manufacture of rubberized drive belts.

(2) In printing, a canvas used to cover the printing drums of lithographic machines.

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READY FOR THE OFF: From left: Rob Kersey, Pete Covey, Tim Cock and Gary Devine are ready to go racing in the Pyrenees, where they enjoyed plenty of success
Kersey suffered a partial tear of his left Achilles tendon in the first half and was unable to continue.
In the M60-69 Rob Kersey was first Harrier home in 30th (2nd M60) followed by Steve Beardsell (M60) in 60th, Bill Wade fourth M65 in 70th, Tim Cock (M65) in 83rd and Bill Hunter (M60) in 84th.
Sean McCaffrey (M40) was just three places behind with Kersey next, Robert Ellis, Wade and Cock.
Kersey said she does not plan to bother filing a complaint on the others, believing the decision would be no different.
Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) at the beginning of this movie -- and make the gory details seem more, not less, offensive.
Willis, whose performances have always contained a deep and layered understanding of his characters and the times they live in, is seen as Paul Kersey in Death Wish.
The club were short of volunteers to run and Rob Kersey stepped in to complete the M55 line-up.
Enjoying the Parenting Roller Coaster: Nurturing and Empowering Your Children Through the Ups and Downs" by Marie Masterson (Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois) and Katharine Kersey (Professor of Early Childhood Education and Director Emeritus of the Child Study Center, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia) offers realistic, practical advice for parents who want the joy back in parenting.
If you find any, replace them by contacting TACOM's Anna Kersey at DSN 786-1337, (586) 282-1337, or email: anna.
5 million bbls of operational storage and two origination stations near Lucerne and Kersey, CO.