an urban-type settlement in Loukhi Raion, Karelian ASSR, located on the northern shore of Lake Topozero. Kesten’ga is a station on a branch line of the Murmansk-Leningrad railroad. The timber industry is important in Kesten’ga. The settlement also has a mink-raising sovkhoz.

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Tenders are invited for Open one stage tender without prequalification of bidders for the right to sign the agreement to perform works on the overhaul of 110 kV overhead line L-149 "SS-47 Louhi - PS-58 Kestenga" 110 kV overhead line L-163 "SS-58 Kestenga - PS-56 Pyaozero "...
Open Competition: Perform activities of "Repair of the road section Kestenga - nape, in the part of the apparatus of the temporary bridge to replace the emergency wooden bridge across the canal at km 33 + 750"