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Laboratuvar incelemelerinde tam kan sayimi, periferik yayma, karaciger ve bobrek islev testleri, serum elektrolitleri, kan gazi, CRP, prokalsitonin, amonyak, laktat degerleri normaldi ve idrarda keton yoktu.
Kan glukoz degerlerinin ve insulin dozlarinin kaydi: Kan glukoz duzeyleri, glukoz duzeylerini etkileyen olaylar, uygulanan insulin miktarlari, hipoglisemik olaylar ve keton pozitiflliklerinin kaydi diyabetin kontrol durumunu degerlendirmede ve gerekli onlemlerin alinmasinda yol gosterici olmaktadir.
Buster Keton is one of the best actor-directors in movie history, and has received biographical attention before--but for true depth don't miss Buster Keaton: Tempest In A Flat Hat: it comes from a young writer who spent over a year repeatedly watching over 60 Keaton films and follows Keaton's career from vaudeville to silent film.
James Keton is the CEO of CHAPTEC Solutions of Irving, Texas, a 30-person consulting firm currently serving about 350 ERP clients.
Jeannette Keton, Federal Judge: juror Has a Right to Privacy, Nat'l Law J.