Key Islands

Key Islands:

see Kai IslandsKai Islands
or Kei Islands
, island group (c.550 sq mi/ 1,420 sq km), E Indonesia, SE of Seram, in the Banda Sea, in the Moluccas. It is densely forested with valuable timber; the people are skilled boat builders. The chief island is Great Kai.
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, Indonesia.
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Taiwan controls key islands in the South China Sea to command its northeast exit, and allow it accurate situational awareness of the surrounding areas.
That was part of the major findings of a study undertaken by the EU-funded Access to Sustainable Energy Program (EU-ASEP), which has also been piloting hybridization solution in a number of key islands in the Philippines.
being a global power, it must counterbalance US power in the South China Sea by hanging on and militarizing the key islands in it (as unsinkable aircraft carriers), and be damned with legalities.
After churning its way through the Caribbean and killing more than 20 people, Hurricane Irma, which at one point packed 225 kph winds, struck the Florida key islands at around 9 am local times.
The reason for domestic trade increase is the new trends such as totally privatized air transport operations, and the recent implementation of Ro-Ro transportation (Roll-On, Roll-Off) among some key islands" Ambassador Abu Guinomla said.
During the 2006-2007 breeding season, extensive surveys were conducted at key islands and coastal sites in Abu Dhabi emirate to determine its breeding status and to compare changes in numbers from previous surveys.
While Nimitz set his sights on the strategically key islands of Guam, Saipan, and Tinian, MacArthur leapfrogged westward from Rabaul until he was in air range of the Philippines.
Gunboats blockaded the key islands among the 7,000 in the archipelago, making it almost hopeless for Filipino leaders to control their forces, much less transport supplies between the islands.
Florida sighed with relief after the storm took no lives as it skirted Miami and barrelled deep into the 120-mile chain of Key islands.