keyless entry

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keyless entry:

see lock and keylock and key,
fastening fitted to an entryway, such as a gate or door, or a container, such as a cabinet, drawer or safe, to keep it closed and/or prevent unauthorized access or use.
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GM India will contact all affected customers to correct the fitting of the remote keyless entry accessory free of charge, it said.
Keyless entry will be used on doors where access control is desirable.
Keyless entry available for the entire "Vintage Series" line.
A GL model adds remote keyless entry, power sliding door, power front seats and an overhead console with a trip computer.
ExteNet conducted an extensive series of tests and concluded someone in the local area was broadcasting radio signals that were likely to be interfering with the remote keyless entry devices.
Leftlane News has reported that rumours of 'scanner boxes' containing electronic gadgetry that can access keyless entry systems appear to have been substantiated by surveillance cameras.
At the top of the range is the $24,819 GLE, with automatic climate control, alarm system, keyless entry, CD player, leather upholstery, power driver's seat and automatic transmission.
KeylessRide's K2 Keyless Entry Remote Controls up to Two Vehicles with a Single Remote
Currently, remote keyless entry systems are being offered as a standard feature in all cars.
Tenants enjoy perimeter offices with windows, state-of-the-art telephone systems and intercoms, keyless entry systems, access to copy and work stations, conference room, kitchen facilities and high-end vending systems.
Air conditioning (using an electric-powered air compressor), cabin filtration, cruise control, heated side mirrors, power windows and door locks, and keyless entry are standard.
In particular the report looks at the development of smart keys and additional features which the car companies have added to door latches and locking systems including power release, power close and developments in keyless entry.