Khabibullaev, Zukhur

Khabibullaev, Zukhur Nurdzhanovich


Born Jan. 4, 1932, in Dushanbe. Soviet artist. Honored Artist of the Tadzhik SSR (1967). Member of the CPSU since 1962.

From 1953 to 1959, Khabibullaev studied at the V. I. Mukhina Leningrad Higher School of the Art Industry. Since 1964 he has taught at the Republic Art School in Dushanbe (he taught there for a short time previously—from 1959 to 1962). Khabibullaev’s work in many ways influenced the stylistic qualities of Soviet Tadzhik painting of the 1960’s. His emotional, energetically executed landscapes, portraits, and thematic works are noted for their expressive images, sharp color contrasts, and dynamic lines (Nurek Hotel, 1962; Pamir Still Life, 1964; Bakhor, 1967; Thirst, 1972; all in the Bekhzad Republic Museum of History, Local Lore, and Fine Arts in Dushanbe).


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