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river: see KhaburKhabur
, river, c.200 mi (320 km) long, rising in SE Turkey, and flowing generally south through NE Syria to enter the Euphrates River, near Dayr az Zawr. The Khabur River project, begun in the 1960s, involved the construction of a series of dams and canals.
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, river.
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Hasaka, SANA - A number of citizens were evacuated from their homes in Hasaka province due to the flooding of Khabur River, which also caused material damage in a number of Hasaka city's neighborhoods.
Meanwhile, clashes continue to unfold across several points along the Khabur River in Southern Hasaka and Eastern Deir Ezzur where the SDF is probing ISIL lines and steadily advancing.
Commanding General of the CJTF Operation Inherent Resolve Paul Funk II said the fight for the Khabur River Valley is a strategic axis of advance towards the Middle Euphrates River Valley, one of the last holdouts of IS.
The 25 Christians were part of about 230 Assyrian Christians that were captured by the extremist group after it overran Assyrian communities on the southern bank of the Khabur River in the northeastern Syrian province of Hassakeh.
In February, ISIS kidnapped more than 220 Assyrian Christians, after overrunning several farming communities on the southern bank of the Khabur River in the northeastern province of Hassakeh.
Some argue that the government indirectly supports these attacks by opening the dam shutters of the Khabur River, putting Syriacs in a difficult position.
Also unclear is the fate of the more than 200 other Christian Assyrians who were taken captive by Islamic State fighters last week in sweep through a string of villages along the Khabur River in Syria's northeastern Hassakeh province.
The news provided a modicum of relief to a Christian Assyrian community that has been devastated by the abductions, which saw Islamic State fighters haul off entire families from a string of villages along the Khabur River in Hassakeh province.
The Khabur River in Hassakeh province, which borders Turkey and Iraq, has become the latest battleground in the fight against the Islamic State group in Syria.
Al-Hasakah Province is primarily an agricultural area whose population is centered along the north-south flowing Khabur River between the city of Ras al-Ayn on the Turkish border and the province's capital of al-Hasakah city, or northeast of the Khabur in a particularly fertile region that is located in the administrative districts of Qamishli and the city of al-Malikiyya.
The design of a number of other dams Projects such as Nazaneen, Balayan, Shargha, Chamrga and Kodara in Erbil, Sartk on the Smaller Zab, Kazhak in Sidakan, Rawanduz Dam on a branch of the Greater Zab, Derana, Shiwarash, Shiwashok, Shawger, Balk, Zelan, Hashazine, Chami Rookhana, Chaq Chaq II, Khewata, Qaziawa, Bardasoor and Delga in Suleimaniya; Bawanoor in Garmian, Bidool and Basi on the Khabur River, Khlin, Kurka, Sibna II and Gali Bandawa in Duhok are respective dam projects that are in the design and study phase, forming 27 projects in total.
The volume by Shabo Talay, Privatdozent at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg and a native speaker of the Miden dialect of Turoyo, presents the phonology and morphology of the NA dialects currently spoken along the Khabur River in northeastern Syria.