Khandzhian, Grigor

Khandzhian, Grigor Sepukhovich


Born Nov. 29, 1926, in Yerevan. Soviet painter and graphic artist. People’s Artist of the Armenian SSR (1967). Member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1973).

Khandhzian studied at the Yerevan Art Institute with A. Bekarian and E. Isabekian from 1945 to 1951. His works are primarily genre-landscape paintings and dramatic illustrations and graphic series on themes from the life of the Armenian people. Khandzhian’s graphic art is rich in chiaroscuro. Noteworthy examples of his art are Happy Road (1952, Armenian Art Gallery, Yerevan), Grain in the Mountains (1972, Gallery of New Masters, Dresden Picture Gallery), the series Dates in the History of My People (linocuts, 1971), and the illustrations to Kh. Abovian’s novel Wounds of Armenia (ink and watercolor, 1958) and to P. Sevak’s poem Never-Silent Bell Tower (ink and brush, 1963–65, Armenian Art Gallery, Yerevan; State Prize of the USSR, 1969). Khandzhian has been awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and various medals.


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