Khanenko, Nikolai Danilovich

Khanenko, Nikolai Danilovich


Born Nov. 30 (Dec. 10), 1691; died Jan. 27 (Feb. 7), 1760. Ukrainian memoirist and political figure. General khorunzhii (a military leader of the Zaporozh’e Sech’) from 1741.

Khanenko graduated from the L’vov Brotherhood School and in 1710 entered military service. He was closely associated with P. L. Polubotok, I. I. Skoropadskii, D. P. Apostol, and K. G. Razumovskii. From 1719 to 1754, Khanenko kept a diary in which he described the relationship between the Ukrainian cossack starshina (dominant people) and the tsar’s court and provided portraits of many of the people who surrounded the hetmán. He recorded important events in the Ukraine and depicted the social mores of his time. Khanenko’s diary is a valuable source for the history of the Ukraine in the first half of the 18th century.


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