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(khänyä`) or


(kənē`ə), ancient Gr. Cydonia (sīdō`nēə), city (1991 pop. 50,077), capital of Khaniá prefecture, NW Crete, Greece, a port on the Gulf of Khaniá, an arm of the Sea of Crete. Olives, citrus fruits, and wine are shipped. One of the oldest Cretan cities, it was conquered in 69 B.C. by the Romans and in A.D. 826 fell under Arab rule. Reconquered (961) by the Byzantine Empire, it became (13th cent.) a Venetian colony. The Ottoman Empire took the city in 1645. It was the capital of Crete from 1841 to the mid-20th cent. The city has a synagogue, a mosque, and several churches. Among its historic sites are medieval fortifications and an old Venetian arsenal.
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(also Canea), a city in Greece, on the northern coast of the island of Crete, on the Gulf of Khania, which is protected from the sea by the Akrotiri Peninsula. Capital of the nome of Khania. Population, 40,500 (1971). The center of a fruit-growing region, Khania is a commercial port that exports citrus fruits and wine.

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Its civilization survived only in the remarkable Minoan ruins at Knossos, Phaestos, and elsewhere; in the extensive Minoan cemeteries such as the 220 graves at Armeni (near Rethymnon); and in the frescoes and potteries that draw visitors to the splendid archaeological museums at Heraklion, Rethymnon, and Khania. But these fragments from the past reflect the glory of that first European civilization and, along with its myths, record a remarkable set of stories that have continued to fascinate readers and writers down to the present.
The Greek-Swedish Excavations at the Agia Aikaterini Square, Kastelli, Khania 1970-1987 2: The Late Minoan IIIC Settlement (SkrAth 4[degrees], 47.2), Stockholm.
"The most important thing is to produce a drink that tastes good," said Payman Khania, senior manager at Bistro 110 in Chicago, which means starting with quality products.
As well as walking in magnificent scenery, you will see the old Venetian harbour-town of Khania (location for the film Zorba the Greek) with its captivating waterfront and web of narrow alleways, and enter the magical world of Greek mythology - visiting the classical site of Phaestos and the Palace of Knossos with its Minotaur labyrinth.
Our rental car was waiting for us, and after a two-minute lesson on the mysteries of the dashboard, I slipped behind the wheel and we headed for Khania, westward along the 'New Road' which takes sun bathers in the summer to the beaches along the north coast.
First the travelers visit a large decadent city, ruled by the beautiful Khania (and her Rabadash-like husband).
The unit said the staff members of those schools including Government Primary School, Nanoha Kalain, Government Primary Schools for Boysand Girls, Khawari, Government Primary School, Minda Dogha, Government Primary School, Bangori, and Government Middle School, Khania Balak, regularly received salary without doing duty.
(9.) The etymology of khania is uncertain, although Burrow (1948: 376) suggests a Dravidian origin.
"Are We Approaching the Minoan Palace of Khania?" in Driessen, Schoep, and Laffineur 2002, pp.
A van carrying seven students skidded off the road and fell into a ravine in Khania area.
Three people, identified as Hadia, Adil and Zainab, died on the spot while the remaining passengers - Wahida, Khania, Azkar, Nayyab, Haji Begum, Muneeba, Musarat, Hajra, Mustafa, Baitullah, Aamir, Khyber Taj and Naila - received multiple injuries.
HONOUR KILLING: A man killed his unmarried sister in a suspected honour killing incident in Gullibagh Khania area of Oghi on Thursday.