Khanzadian, Sero

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Khanzadian, Sero Nikolaevich


Born Nov. 20 (Dec. 3), 1915, in Goris, in what is now the Armenian SSR. Soviet Armenian writer.

Khanzadian graduated from the pedagogical technicum in Goris in 1934 and became a village schoolteacher. He fought in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45.

In 1950, Khanzadian published his first novel, The Men of Our Regiment (Russian translation, 1956), which was devoted to the defenders of Leningrad. His novel The Land (books 1–2, 1954–55; Russian translation, books 1–2, 1956–57) deals with the working people of the countryside in the postwar period. The historical novel General Mkhitar (1961; Russian translation, 1971) depicts the Armenian liberation struggle of the 18th century. The subject of the novel Kadzharan (1965; Russian translation, 1974) is the formation of the working class in Armenia.

Khanzadian’s other novels are Dawn Over Sevan (1974) and Speak, Hills of Armenia (1976). He also produced the short-story collections Red Lilies (1958), Lost Paths (1964), After the Rain (1969) and the memoirs A Book About the Past (1966) and Three Years and 291 Days (1972). Khanzadian was awarded four orders.


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