Kharichkov, Konstantin

Kharichkov, Konstantin Vasil’evich


Born 1865; died Aug. 6, 1921. Russian organic chemist.

After graduating from St. Petersburg University in 1892, Kharichkov worked in Baku and Groznyi. He was a professor at the higher women’s courses in Tbilisi from 1909 to 1914 and at the university in Rostov-on-Don from 1917. Kharichkov’s scientific works are devoted to petrochemistry. Kharichkov proposed a method of processing high-paraffin mazut from petroleum extracted at Groznyi, which resulted in its widespread use as boiler fuel. He also developed a method of separating high-molecular-weight petroleum hydrocarbons by fractional sedimentation, which he called cold petroleum fractionation (1903).


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