Khasbulatov, Ruslan Imranovich

Khasbulatov, Ruslan Imranovich,

1942–, Russian politician. A Chechen from the Caucasus region, he was an academic economist in Moscow before his election (1990) to the Russian Congress of People's Deputies and parliament. A supporter of Boris YeltsinYeltsin, Boris Nikolayevich
, 1931–2007, Soviet and Russian politician, president of Russia (1991–99). Born in Yekaterinburg (then Sverdlovsk) and educated at the Urals Polytechnic Institute, Yeltsin began his career as a construction worker (1953–68).
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, he served as his deputy (1990–91) and was elected chairman (speaker) of the congress and parliament in 1991. Increasingly critical of Yeltsin's economic program after 1991, he, along with Vice President Aleksandr RutskoiRutskoi or Rutskoy, Aleksandr Vladimirovich
, 1947–, Russian politician, b. Ukraine. A Russian nationalist and former air force officer who fought in Afghanistan, he was Boris Yeltsin's vice presidential running
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, led Russian legislators in their power struggle with Yeltsin in Oct., 1993. He was imprisoned after parliament's attempt to oust Yeltsin was crushed by the army, but was released (1994) in an amnesty. He was then active in Chechen politics, advocating limited sovereignty for ChechnyaChechnya
or Chechen Republic
, republic (1990 est. pop. 1,300,000, with neighboring Ingushetia), c.6,100 sq mi (15,800 sq km), SE European Russia, in the N Caucasus. Grozny is the capital. Prior to 1992 Chechnya and Ingushetia comprised the Checheno-Ingush Republic.
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. In 1995 he considered running for the Chechen presidency but withdrew, criticizing the timing and fairness of the vote.
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