Khatan Bator Maksarzhab

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Khatan Bator Maksarzhab


Born 1877; died Sept. 3, 1927, in Ulan Bator. Mongolian political and military figure.

In 1912, Khatan Bator Maksarzhab commanded the troops that liberated the city of Kobdo and western Mongolia from Manchu domination. Between 1913 and 1917 he led several military campaigns to the southern and eastern borders of Outer Mongolia to secure it from Chinese militarists. At the beginning of the Mongolian People’s Revolution of 1921, Khatan Bator Maksarzhab went over to the side of the people’s government and joined the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP). He led a large Mongolian detachment that liberated the city of Uliasutai (July 22, 1921) and a large part of northwestern Mongolia from the White Guard units of R. F. Ungern.

In 1924, Khatan Bator Maksarzhab became minister of war. In 1924 and 1925 he was a candidate member of the Central Committee of the MPRP, and in 1925 he became a member of the Central Committee. He was awarded the Soviet Order of the Red Banner in 1922. Khatan Bator Maksarzhab is a national hero of Mongolia.


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