white mahogany

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avodire, white mahogany

A west African wood, pale yellow to white in color; soft to hard; light in weight to moderately heavy; frequently ribbon-striped. Used for interior finish, plywood, and paneling.
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Several limonoids of angolensates, khivorins, mexicanolides, and fissinolides have been isolated from different parts of Khaya anthotheca (Adesida et al., 1971).
Anthothecol - an extractive from Khaya anthotheca. J.
Wood dust from Khaya anthotheca may be a skin irritant.
African mahogany is the general name used by a variety of Khaya species, Khaya ivorensis, Khaya anthotheca, and Khaya nyasca.
The species used in mixed plantation for the restoration of degraded forest site and to catalyze natural regeneration were Entandrophragma utile (Dawe and Sprague), Khaya anthotheca (Welw.C.DC.
Of the three species generally called African mahogany, Khaya anthotheca is reportedly the only one suitable for steam bending.