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(kho͞o`fo͞o) or


(kē`ŏps), fl. c.2680 B.C., king of ancient Egypt, founder of the IV dynasty. He was king for 23 years and was famous as the builder of the greatest pyramidpyramid.
The true pyramid exists only in Egypt, though the term has also been applied to similar structures in other countries. Egyptian pyramids are square in plan and their triangular sides, which directly face the points of the compass, slope upwards at approximately a
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 at Giza.



(Greek, Cheops), Egyptian pharaoh who ruled in the beginning of the 27th century B.C.

The fragments of a manuscript pertaining to the reign of Khufu have been preserved, as well as a cliff bas-relief depicting Khufu’s victory over the Bedouin in Wadi Maghara, an area of copper and turquoise deposits on the Sinai Peninsula. Khufu’s name has also been found in diorite quarries in northern Nubia, northwest of Abu Simbel. Herodotus, in relating the ancient Egyptian tradition about the construction of the pyramids, describes Khufu as a despot, who brought hardships upon Egypt and forced the population to work for him.

Khufu’s pyramid in Giza (Gizeh), which rises to a height of 146.6 m, is the largest pyramid in Egypt.

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Grace a la technologie infrarouge et des detecteurs sophistiques, l'equipe a sonde les pyramides de Kheops et de Khephren--qui avec Mykerinos forment les celebres pyramides de Guizeh--ainsi que deux des pyramides de Dahchour, au sud du Caire.
Dans le cas du roman Total kheops, la tache est d'autant plus difficile que Marseille est elle-meme comme un heros, tellement important.
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La restauration de la seconde barque de Kheops, qui durera pendant cinq ans, aura lieu en cooperation avec l'Universite japonaise de Waseda.
Dans une conference de presse internationale qu'il tiendra sur le plateau des Pyramides, le ministre des Antiquites, Dr Mohamed Ibrahim, annoncera, lundi prochain, le debut de restauration de la seconde barque solaire de Kheops.
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Au cours de travaux de degagement, sur le cote Sud de la pyramide de Kheops (la plus grande d'Egypte, l'une des 7 merveilles du monde), l'Egyptien Kamal el-Mallakh mit a jour, le 26 mai 1954.
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