Kherson Cotton Textile Combine

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Kherson Cotton Textile Combine


one of the largest textile enterprises in the USSR. Construction began on the combine in 1952; the first section went into operation in 1961, and the second in 1964. The combine, which has three spinning and weaving mills and a finishing mill, produces pile fabrics, articles of terry cloth, and fabrics for upholstery, suits, dresses, shirts, underwear, and scarves. Cotton and rayon staple fiber are used as raw material. In 1976 the combine produced 38,800 tons of yarn and 193.4 million running meters of fabric; in that year it sold 387 million rubles worth of products. The fabric produced by the Kherson Cotton Textile Combine is exported to many foreign countries.

The combine is incorporating new technology for the production of yarn and fabric, improving production processes, and automating labor-intensive work involved in the servicing of equipment. New production machinery is being installed: shuttle machines are being replaced by highly productive pneumatic rapier looms, and pneumatic spinning machines, automatic warp-winders, and new finishing equipment are being introduced. The Kherson Cotton Textile Combine was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1966.


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