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a city (since 1957) under oblast jurisdiction and administrative center of Khmel’nik Raion, Vinnitsa Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Khmel’nik is located on both banks of the Iuzhnyi Bug River, 67 km northwest of Vinnitsa. Railroad station. Population, 20,000 (1974). Industry includes machine building, automotive repair, dairying, furniture-making, and clothing manufacture.

Khmel’nik is a balneological health resort. Summers are warm, with an average July temperature of 19°C, and winters are relatively mild, with an average January temperature of –5°C. Precipitation totals 550 mm annually. Therapeutic remedies include bathing in waters from radon carbonic hydrocarbonate-calciummagnesium and hydrocarbonate-calcium-soda springs. The resort offers treatment for skin diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal, peripheral nervous, and female reproductive systems. Khmel’nik has a sanatorium and bathhouses.

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