Khmelnik Chronicle

Khmel’nik Chronicle


a 17th-century Ukrainian chronicle that recounts events in the Right-bank Ukraine from 1636 to 1650. It was compiled by an unknown author in the small town of Khmel’nik in Podol’e (now the city of Khmel’nik, Vinnitsa Oblast). The chronicle describes the peasant-cossack uprisings led by P. Pavliuk and K. Skidan against the szlachta (nobility) and, in particular detail, the War of Liberation of the Ukrainian People, which was led by B. Khmel’nitskii. The chronicle is sympathetic toward the common people and the Ukrainian nation’s struggle for liberation. It contains information on Tatar raids on the Ukraine, famine years, and natural disasters, in connection with which it cites the prices of rye, millet, and buckwheat.