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or Chitrals, a people constituting the basic population of the territory of the former principality of Chitral, in northern Pakistan. Population, more than 100,000 (1970, estimate).

The Kho language, Khowar, belongs to the Dardic language group. Most of the Kho are Ismaili Muslims by religion. They practice agriculture and stock raising. Their craftsmen, especially the smiths, are highly valued by neighboring peoples. The social structure, everyday life, and family relationships among the Kho have not been studied in detail.


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It is our view that the OSG should continue to be an agency attached to the DOJ, mainly because the powers and functions of the OSG are devolved from this department's power as the 'principal law agency of the government and as legal counsel and representative thereof','' Kho explained.
Kho and Kuiters found 413 of the GRX's domain name system (DNS) servers from the internet.
Kho to share his sometimes controversial work before he participated in the conference, "Policy and Practice: Pedagogy about the Holocaust and Genocide," presented by the Clark University Holocaust and Genocide Studies department.
Kho to this edition of the Master Class in Gynecologic Surgery, the second installment on minimally invasive routes for hysterectomy.
PESHAWAR, May 25, 2011 (Frontier Star): Capital City Police Peshawar has foiled bid of weapon smuggling and have arrested the smuggler here from Kho Pul, Kohat road on Tuesday.
But owner Siaw Kho told a court: "It's only cockroaches - they didn't find any mice or rats.
The Ministry of the Interior's 2003 decision was overturned by Finland's Supreme Administrative Court (KHO), which ordered it to be reconsidered, but the KHO has ruled that the government had a legal right to turn down the application.
McCrea, the son of a coal miner who spent his early years in Penshaw, Durham, admitted battering his driver Kho Nai Guan, fracturing ribs before strangling him.
She had been to Australia before moving on to the beautiful Thai island of Kho Phi Phi.
1) Wreckage of buildings on Kho Phi Phi Island, Thailand, caused by the Dec.
Driver Kho Nai Guan and his partner, Lan Ya Ming, were discovered stuffed in the back of the 45-year-old County Durham-born businessman's limousine, in January last year.
Other award winners include Alia Borzova and Steven Stucky, who each received a $15,000 Goddard Lieberson Fellowship, given to mid-career composers of exceptional gifts; James Matheson, who received the Walter Hinrichsen Award for the publication of a work by a gifted composer; Mason Bates and Leslie Hogan, who each received a $15,000 Charles Ives Fellowship, given to a composer in mid-career; and Kati Agocs, Nancy Kho, Nathan Michel, David Schober, Gregory Spears and Dmitri Tymoczko, who each received a $7,500 Charles Ives Scholarship, given to composition students of great promise.