see KhwarazmKhwarazm
or Khorezm
, ancient and medieval state of central Asia, situated in and around the basin of the lower Amu Darya River; now a region, NW Uzbekistan. Khwarazm is one of the oldest centers of civilization in central Asia.
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The governors of Kashkadarya, Ferghana and Khorezm regions apologized before people, head of state, bloggers and international community by the order of the President for the mistakes made in demolishing of houses and buildings of people and entrepreneurs.
In addition, the Uzbek side acquainted its colleagues with the activities of free economic zones, the country's trade and economic potential, in particular, the Khorezm region, including the Hazorasp FEZ, as well as the upcoming international investment forums in Uzbekistan.
The film highlights the events from the Khorezm Kingdom, at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th Century.
In the XII -- early XIII century Amul was a part of Khorezm, but culturally still gravitated to the Bukhara oasis, which is confirmed by archaeological materials.
Most of the rest of the text is dedicated to describing internal political intrigue in Bukhara, Bukhara's relations with Balkh, and the ongoing conflicts with Khorezm. What seems to interest the editors more than the mere historical events are linguistic aspects, particularly what they consider as the growing separation of Tajik and Persian, and the increasing influence of Turkic on Persian vocabulary.
Knowledge management in rural Uzbekistan: Peasant, project and post socialist perspectives in Khorezm'.
Anna-Katharina Hornidge reinforces the theme of mid-range concepts in her study of Khorezm, Uzbekistan.
AD 780-850 and was from the same Khorezm region of the Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan border area as al-Biruni, hence "al-Khorezmi." Algorithms, one of his many discoveries, still bear his name in distorted form, while our term "algebra" comes directly from the title of his celebrated book on mathematics.
The promise of the female recipient--real enough to promise a response or meeting yet distant enough to symbolize an ideal--functioned like the diary's blank pages, allowing men to retreat to spaces of supervised solitude to make sense of their participation in the war and work out the identities they were trying to embrace--as Soviet frontoviki, infantrymen, or officers; as batyrs, yigits, and Uzbek soldiers in the Red Army; and as Muslim young men from places like Samarkand and Khorezm, seeking to attract companionship.
(44) Urgench is a city in Uzbekistan, which is the capital of Khorezm province, located on the banks of the River Amu, and situated approximately 450 kilometers northwest of Bukhara and near the Turkmenistan border.
Test operation of the Wi-Fi zones was launched in the historical city museum Itchan Kala (walled inner town of Khiva) in Khorezm region through organization of optical communication channels and setting the appropriate radio equipment in 2014.