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(also al-Khuwarizmi). Years of birth and death unknown. Uzbek poet of the 14th century.

There is no reliable information about Khorezmi’s life. He was the author of the narrative poem Tale of Love (Muhabbatnameh, 1353). Two manuscripts of the poem have been preserved—a manuscript in Uighur script dated 1432 and a later manuscript in Arabic script transcribed in 1508–09. The Uighur manuscript is composed of ten verse epistles written in Old Uzbek. The manuscript in Arabic script is composed of 11 epistles—eight in Old Uzbek and three in Farsi (Persian). Both manuscripts are housed in the British Museum.

Khorezmi’s lyric poetry, which was highly praised by the poet Kamal Khujandi, has not been preserved.


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Just for an example: I support my argument by quoting the legends of Khorezmi who was great mathematician and astronomer (ca.
These numerals were introduced into Western science from Hindu arithmetic via an Arabic translation of the ninth-century works of Al Khorezmi, whose name may have given us the word algorithm.