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(Polish chorazy, from choragiew, “banner”). (1) Originally, a standard-bearer; later, a junior officer in the cossack host of the Russian Army, corresponding to a sublieutenant in the infantry and a cornet in the cavalry.

(2) In medieval Poland and Lithuania, the commander of a choragiew (company). In the 14th century it became a court post and rank: grand crown and court choraży. There was one choraży in Poland and one in Lithuania. Choraży was also an honorary title: province choraży. The province choraży was the head of the gentry militia in each województwo.

(3) A post in the host of the Zaporozh’e Sech’. There was a general troop khorunzhii, and there were regimental and sotnia (regimental subunit) khorunzhie. They were members of the starshina (cossack officers’ corps).

(4) In the Polish Army, before 1944 and from 1963, a class of service ranks between senior subofficers and junior officers; from 1944 to 1957, a junior officer.

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