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an administrative unit in Mongolia from the 16th century to 1931.

During the period of Manchu domination (1691–1911), the khoshun was the basic military and administrative unit; each khoshun was also a feudal principality ruled by a hereditary prince, or jasak. Under the Mongolian feudal theocratic state (1911–15) and during the period of Mongolian autonomy (1915–19), the khoshuns were primarily feudal principalities.

After the victory of the Mongolian People’s Revolution of 1921, the reforms of local government undertaken in 1922 and 1923 transferred power within the khoshuns to elected bodies. The khoshun was abolished in 1931 and replaced by a new administrative unit, the aimak.

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As regards contracts made previous to the conclusion of the present treaty, where serious loss is being incurred through the inability of the two parties to come to terms, such debts may be recovered by (Government) institutions, but in no case shall the debt concern "shabinars" or "khoshuns."