Khusainov, Shakhmet Khusainovich

Khusainov, Shakhmet Khusainovich


Born May 12, 1906, in the village of Karatal, in what is now Kokchetav Oblast; died May 30, 1972, in Alma-Ata. Soviet Kazakh playwright.

Khusainov began publishing in 1932. His play Yesterday and Today (1940), which is about Soviet scientists, is a revised version of the play Marabai (1930’s). The play On the Bank of the Irtysh (1957) deals with the working class of Kazakhstan. The plays Amangel’dy (staged 1936), Our Gani (1957), and Abu Nasr al-Farabi (1972) are based on historical and revolutionary themes. Khusainov was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and various medals.


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