Kicking Bird

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Kicking Bird
Known for A Chief of the Kiowa Indian Nation, warrior, peacemaker

Kicking Bird (b. Tene-angop'te)

(?1835–75) Kiowa chief; born on the central Great Plains. Advocating peace with whites as a means of Indian survival, he signed his tribe's first treaty (1865), establishing the Kiowa reservation. He later worked to promote peace and as an advocate for education.
The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography, by John S. Bowman. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 1995. Reproduced with permission.
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In one scene the Graham Greene character, Kicking Bird, asks Kevin Costner's Lt.
In another scene Kicking Bird and Ten Bears are conversing and one of them, I can't remember which, says to the other, "the buffalo are late this year." The buffalo are late this year!
His most recent feature film, "Kicking Bird," was made for $6,000 cash "and $200,000 worth of favors," Baker said.
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Leading agent Mags O'Toole supplied the highlight of the one-day sale to secure Kicking Bird, a nineyear-old winning daughter of Darshaan out of Group 3 winner Antartica.
THIS is a special three-disc collector's edition of Kevin Costner's 1991 epic, which won Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director.CLASSY EPIC: Kevin Costner It includes the extended version of the film - with more than 50 minutes of restored footage - chronicling the extraordinary relationship between Lieutenant John Dunbar (Costner) and the Sioux leaders Kicking Bird (Graham Greene) and Wind In His Hair (Rodney A Grant).
Greene earned an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor for his portrayal of Kicking Bird, and has since starred in such movie hits as Thuderheart, Maverick, and Die Hard 3.
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If people aren't kicking birds up, they can hole up someplace."
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