Kiev Conservatory

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Kiev Conservatory


(full name, P. I. Tchaikovsky Kiev Conservatory), founded in 1913, replacing the Kiev Music School of the Russian Music Society. Between 1923 and 1928 it was called the Music Technicum, and from 1928 to 1933 it was the music department of the N. V. Lysenko Kiev Institute of Music and Drama. In 1934 it was named the Kiev State Conservatory, and in 1938 it was awarded the Order of Lenin. In 1940 it was renamed the P. I. Tchaikovsky Kiev Conservatory.

The Kiev Conservatory has (1972) departments of piano, history and theory, composition, conducting, orchestra, and voice; evening and preparatory divisions; and a graduate school. There are also 20 subdepartments, courses for the advanced training of young performers, an opera studio, a school studio, the N. V. Lysenko museum-room, and a phonograph record library. The conservatory’s library contains about 230,000 volumes. In 1972 more than 800 students were enrolled at the conservatory, and the teaching staff numbered more than 200, including 22 doctors of sciences and professors, about 100 docents and candidates of sciences, four People’s Artists of the USSR, and eight People’s Artists of the Ukrainian SSR. The Kiev Conservatory has the right to confer candidates’ degrees.

Among the prominent musicians and musicologists who have been associated with the Conservatory are V. V. Pukhal’skii, R. M. Glière, G. M. Beklemishev, M. G. Erdenko, B. L. Iavorskii, la. S. Stepovoi, N. D. Leontovich, V. S. Kosenko, K. N. Mikhailov, L. N. Revutskii, B. N. Liatoshinskii, A. Ia. Shtogarenko, K. F. Dan’kevich, M. I. Litvinenko-Vol’gemut, and I. S. Patorzhinskii. Graduates of the conservatory include the musicians G. G. Verevka, Z. M. Gaidai, G. I. Maiboroda, P. I. Maiboroda, N. G. Rakhlin, A. G. Svechnikov, D. M. Gnatiuk, E. S. Miroshnichenko, L. A. Rudenko, P. P. Karmaliuk, and V. S. Tol’ba.

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