an island in the Barents Sea, 1.5 km off the coast of the Kola Peninsula (Murmansk Oblast, RSFSR).

Kil’din is 17.6 km long and 7 km wide. The surface is a hilly plateau (altitude, to 281 m) composed of sandstones and shales and abruptly broken on the north and west. Broad terraces descend to the south and east. Tundra vegetation predominates.

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In the second and third parts, we show how the geographical space of the Kola Peninsula is represented in the Kildin Saami language, thus providing for the linguistic image.
65-71) and an unfavorable gap between urban written Kildin and rural spoken Kildin (pp.
In addition, the languages South and Lule Sami are spoken in Norway; South, Lule, Ume and Pite Sami in Sweden; Skolt and Inari Sami in Finland; and Skolt, Kildin and Ter Sami in Russia (Seurujarvi-Kari, 2012).
Once populated throughout by Sami people--Skolt Sami, Kildin Sami, Ter Sami, and Akkala Sami, who lived by hunting and fishing and from small herds of reindeer-and later by Komi people, who arrived in the 1880s with much larger herds from the Pechora region in the east, it has since been hollowed out by massive militarization, the enforced closure of settlements, large-scale mineral extraction, and urban development.
5 kilometers off Kildin Island in the Barents Sea about 4 a.
One seaman from the 10-man crew was rescued following the incident in the Barents Sea, three miles northwest of Kildin Island.
The submarine's nuclear reactor was shut down at the time the vessel sank at 3am British time about three nautical miles north west of Kildin Island, the ministry said.
morhua kildinensis) that is restricted to the waters of Kildin Island.
The Kildin Saami language has the greatest number of speakers and serves as the basis for the Kola Saami alphabet.
Unfortunately, the author misused the sland Kildin Saami expression payk: it means "a part of the whole" or "a share" and is used in phrases such as "the payk I was born in" or "northern payk" (Kuruch et al.
naval intelligence was tracking a Kildin guided-missile destroyer, a Kotlin destroyer, a Riga destroyer escort, and four auxiliaries in the Sea of Japan.