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, city (1990 est. pop. 537,000), capital of Coast prov., SE Kenya, mostly on Mombasa island in the Indian Ocean and partly on the mainland (with which it is connected by a causeway). It is Kenya's chief port and an important commercial and industrial center.
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, Kenya.
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Four ferries, Mv Kilindini, Mv Nyayo, Mv Harambee and the Mv Likoni are now operating at the Likoni channel.
Work on constructing the new terminal at Kilindini Port began in March 2014 following the conclusion of a $261m loan from JICA.
The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) board has started looking for a new managing director to take over leadership at the Kilindini harbor.
Then on her tour of Kenya she was due to come to Mombasa the very next day and all us kids had been promised a holiday and issued little Union Jacks to wave furiously as the royal princess (as we supposed) travelled along Kilindini Avenue under the giant crossed elephant tusks built specially to welcome her.
The Kilindini Harbour in Mombasa has recorded remarkable growth in the last decade.
KCB will roll this out to seven branch centers which are KCB Kilindini, KCB Kimathi, KCB Eastleigh, KCB Garissa, KCB Lamu, KCB Mvita and KCB Mwembe Tayari.
Most specimens have fairly uniformly dark red-brown to black abdomens except for the BMNH male from Kilindini where the dominant colour is orange.
Penalty is an obvious concern, especially as he has to concede the best part of a stone to chasing debutante Kilindini, who is an interesting recruit pitched in at a modest level
During his tenure as governor of EAP, he secured a development loan not only to establish a railway network, but also a deep-water port at Kilindini, which his predecessors had failed to do.
Emma Lavelle has her team in great form and the Hampshire trainer can start the Hereford meeting with a win with Kilindini (2.
The remainder of the staff were sent to Kilindini, Mombasa, to form HMS Alidina, and originated signals as Captain on Staff, Kilindini.
It is adjacent to Kilindini harbour where we want to put up a world-class industrial park and special economic zone.