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One hit the door post; another went against the door; the pointed shaft of another struck the wall; and as soon as they had avoided all the spears of the suitors Ulysses said to his own men, "My friends, I should say we too had better let drive into the middle of them, or they will crown all the harm they have done us by killing us outright.
O Akela, and ye the Free People," he purred, "I have no right in your assembly, but the Law of the Jungle says that if there is a doubt which is not a killing matter in regard to a new cub, the life of that cub may be bought at a price.
He loved better than anything else to go with Bagheera into the dark warm heart of the forest, to sleep all through the drowsy day, and at night see how Bagheera did his killing.
More I cannot do; but if ye will, I can save ye the shame that comes of killing a brother against whom there is no fault--a brother spoken for and bought into the Pack according to the Law of the Jungle.
Not one whit did he fear the mighty god, so set was he on killing Aeneas and stripping him of his armour.
He sang of the Meat-Eaters as pigs and crows, and sang how fine and good it was for the Fish-Eaters to fight and die doing God's work, which was the killing of Meat-Eaters.
The 'Operation All Out' launched by Indian Combined Forces including Army, Para-military Central Reserve Police Force and counter insurgency unit of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Special Operation Group resulted in the maximum number of killing of militants particularly in South Kashmir, that is regarded as the hot bed of militancy.
Police suspect that Stephen Paddock fired on the crowd at a country-music concert indiscriminately from his hotel room window, killing dozens and injuring hundreds more.
September 25: Nato forces carried out an air-ground attack in the southeastern district of Lajman killing 20 gunmen.
5 : to cause to become very tired <These long hours are killing me.
Levy's killing was utterly random and senseless; it was not coherent, it did not add up.